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kwz/studio/kwz01.jpg We spent a great deal of time to find out this perfect kit.
Oh! Yeah, we are very satisfied with the quality of glue.

This kit includes 'liquid primer' , 'powder primer' and 'liquid glue'. This picture shows subdivide staffs.
To tell the truth, a wholesale dealer sent 18liter (4.76 gal) amount to our house!

Smell bad... We are almost crazy. (@o@)
kwz/studio/kwz01.jpg Primar gives chemical reaction to surface of rubber sheet.
Then, power of glue gets stronger!
Hum.... It really works.
kwz/studio/kwz01.jpg Let's mix two kinds of primer; powder:liquid = 3% : 97% .
Regarding the mixture, it's available within 24Hours only.
So, you'd better prepare and mix them enough to finish.
kwz/studio/kwz01.jpg Shake shake! Oh, No need to shake hip!
Let's shake until you can't see powder.
You may not shake strongly too much.
kwz/studio/kwz01.jpg On the surface of rubber-sheet, you may see powder like cornstarch(cornflour).
First of all, let's wipe there with water and keep clean.
And put mixed primer onto each side where you want to attach.
The primer is now powdery liquid, so using a swab is helpful.
Rubber surface is going to be processed as first step.
kwz/studio/kwz01.jpg Let's wait for about 30 minutes until primer get dry.
First, you should test at a inconspicuous area to check if or not, color is changed.
Meanwhile, you can proceed for other point little by little, and you'll notice 30min passes pretty soon.
kwz/studio/kwz01.jpg The glue will be clear after dry out, so you don't have to worry if you did an miss-putting a bit.
Since the liquid is going to congeal little by little in the air, you should seal hermetically to keep it's quality.
kwz/studio/kwz01.jpg A swab is useful because this liquid glue is not so glutionous.
If you like harder stick, you may choose spatula in stead.
(Note: plastic spatula may melt dpends on it's character....)
You may add mixed primer if you get

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