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aboutus2.jpg We are "Kariwanz" - Owner of this site.

We create original 'fetish items' made of rubber, leather and so on.
We love joyful event, and delicious food, too.

Wanco in Japanese language means 'doggie'.
Ms. Karin is the keeper of the doggie.
It's just our relationship.

(Heday's comment:
They are very nice, cool and sweet couple. Jealous!)

We can create costumes we want to wear ,
and can create anything that we want to have!

Dog Keeper "Karin"
(Left side)
Doggie "Wanco"
(right side)


aboutus5.jpg This guy is Hide (a.k.a Heday) - interpreter of this site

I'm a friend of Kariwanz. It's very pleasure to have
such a nice oppotunity to help them. Thank you two, Kariwanz.

This picture is taken by my friend Drew at 'Secretroom' party
in the 2001's Halloween season.
I also would like to say 'Thanks you!' to all of secretroom member.
This Rubber-Ninja is so cool, isn't it?

Feel free to email me : rubbergenome@yahoo.co.jp

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