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Welcome to our website
"Kariwanz Fetish".

This site treats a variety of fetish scene,
especially about 'rubber items' and 'leather items'.


This site doesn't have any pornographic pictures.
However we understand that 'fetish' is thought
as very unique field.
We do never ask you to enter our site if you are not
intersted in the field of FETISH.
I was just wondering if you could consider about it,
and then please enter each contents from menu area.

*Site Policy*

- free of charge

- This site owner "Kariwanz" is never responsible to your loss
or damage that you suffer by your secondary use of our contents.

- We build this site for all people who are really
interested in fetish scene. From the bottom of our hearts,
we hope this site is helpful for those people.

- Please use this site at your own lisk.

- "Kariwanz" holds the copyright of all contents of this site.


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