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jisaku1.jpg Frist of all,
we Kariwanz had bought so many kinds of rubber items so far.
We were really happy to get these costumes from the Internet though it was really hard for us to work for application in English language.
1-1tukuru.jpg One day, I put on a mask.................?

"Oh, NO!, It's too large for my beautiful nose!"
"Oh my Goodness! There is uncomfortable wrinkless on my head!"
"Now, we should stand up!"
"Can we make? Tsukureru? Anyway, we are skillful about leather processing."
"Sure, we can make it for rubber items, too!"
1-2tanosi.jpg "I wanna rubber masks just fit to my size!"
"Creating originals is joyful of my life!"
"Let's do our best!"

But, we were too young to process rubber materials....
jisaku2.jpg Our goal was full face mask.
At first, we tried to process and create items such as Kimono, suits, etc, etc, but ......,
yabure.jpg One day, it was broken! Oh, no!
Rubber-cement exfoliated!!
That was too bad. It was in a party.
Our joyful had gone and sadness was left at that time. Sigh.
1-3funga.jpg But, we never give up!
We should make our original suits.
Therefore, we desire strong cement especially for rubber material!
1-4doredore.jpg Yes, we never give up.
We have researched on the Internet for a month!
kwz01.jpg At last, we found out such a good rubber cement!
'Primer' and 'Urethane adhesive'.
(These two are going to be mixed later....)
These staffs are not retailed. So, we had to buy them from a wholesale dealer, 18liter (4.76 gal) amount at once!!

We would like to say 'Thanks a lot!' to Fujiwara-san.
He kindly told me about the special cement.
1-5banzai2.jpg "We made it at last! WooHoo!! Banzaaaaai!!"
We went wild with joy.
1-6banzai3.jpg "Now, we can start making rubber suits!"
As soon as we got cement materials, we were sure our triumph for our future products.

to be continued.....

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